A Pringlense was re-elected president of the world’s largest cooperative organization

Ariel Guarco

Significant importance for our country was the re-election of Ariel Guarco, member of the INAES board of directors and head of COOPERAR, as president of the International Cooperative Alliance, the world’s largest cooperative organization.

Guarco has led the ACI since 2017 and is the first Argentine cooperative member to chair this organization, which represents more than 300 confederative entities from 110 countries and has more than 120 years of history.

“We want to continue contributing to the strengthening of the cooperative movement at a global level, putting the vast trajectory and diversity of Argentine cooperatives at the service of a more supportive, more inclusive and peaceful world,” he said when, a few days ago, he was re-elected president of the International Cooperative Alliance.

Among the strategic objectives set by the new president, for his second term in the ICA, there are two central points: promote the cooperative identity as the best path towards sustainable development and increase the levels of incidence in international representation organizations.

“We have been through a difficult world together. The last few years, facing the worst global crisis unleashed by a pandemic, with enormous human, social and economic costs. And we have gone through them trying to make each one feel that the ACI is their home, the common home of all cooperative members”, he pointed out.

Ariel Guarco, who is also a member of the board of directors of the National Institute of Associations and Social Economy (INAES), head of the Cooperative Confederation of the Argentine Republic (COOPERAR) and the Federation of Electricity and Public Services Cooperatives of the Province of Buenos ( FEDECOBA), won the vote with a total of 495 votes from cooperative organizations from all continents before Melina Morrison, nominated by the Business Council of Cooperatives and Mutuals (164) from Australia, and Jean-Louis Bancel, nominated by Coop Fr, from France (160).

“We are more than 1 billion people organized in three million cooperatives, on all continents. And there we are, those of us who know how to build companies with roots in the territories, companies that do not move, that are committed to the destiny of their community because they are the product of that community”, concluded Guarco.

Guarco is 52 years old, was born in the neighboring town of Coronel Pringles, is a veterinary doctor by profession, has a Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics and has a postgraduate degree in Social Economics.

He is the author of two books: The Argentine Cooperativism, A Hopeful Look to the Future (2013) and Cooperative Principles in Action against the Challenges of the Global Agenda (2020).

Founded in 1895 to promote the cooperative model, the International Cooperative Alliance is the spokesperson for cooperatives around the world.

Currently, the members of the world’s three million cooperatives represent at least 12% of humanity.

Other local representative

Simultaneously, the assembly of the CCW (Consumer Co-operatives Worldwide or Cooperatives of Consumers of the World) was held with the aim of renewing its board of directors, within which Héctor Jacquet, secretary of the FACC (Argentine Federation of Consumer Cooperatives) was elected. ).

Jacquet is also general manager of the Cooperativa Obrera, with headquarters in our city and branches in different parts of the country.


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