After Jonathan Maicelo’s assault, see if any other well-known people have fallen victim to crime.

Because of the increased insecurity, some artists have had their belongings stolen in various ways in Lima.

Jonathan Maicelo

At his Fighter Fit gym in Pueblo Libre, Jonathan Maicelo was attacked, he claimed on September 29. Thieves stole $18,000 worth of valuables from the boxer, and he was shot and killed in self-defense. Maicelo claimed, “They took a very expensive chain with many grammes in weight of gold and inlaid diamonds.

“I’ve been in that situation before, but just with one weapon; I couldn’t do anything. ” A wise man once remarked to him self: “Let yourself be robbed then, when they point an iron at me.” There was a reason why I didn’t, since I was almost shot,” he explained.

For a split second, he considered defending himself, regardless of the ramifications. “They came in brandishing a gun and aimed it at me from a distance; I was on the verge of dying. “Lima is a scary place,” she continued.

Assault victim Diana Sánchez was traumatised.
a previous contestant from the reality show Reinas, Diana Sanchez, made an appearance when she recalled how she and her dancing partner were shot at on the night of September 21 as they drove home.

This is a very meticulous person, yet after the assault my mental state changed and I had feelings I hadn’t had in years,” the dancer claimed. He also stated that they took away his peace of mind more so than anything else.

However, I was left feeling more afraid rather than helped by the police, because what is really stolen from us is our tranquillity and peace of mind. Because of them, I no longer have a sense of security. I’m grateful to God that nothing bad occurred to me. I’m grateful. These last few moments of second chances have really filled my senses,” he said.

The Transformers squad was attacked at Tarapoto, Japan.
Tarapoto is where Michael Bay filmed sequences for the next Transformers film, which will be released in theatres on December 21. On the other hand, they were astonished towards the end of their recording session at the La Unión waterfall in Shilcayo’s La Banda neighbourhood at 8:00 p.m. on September 20.

Thief foiled by nearby loudspeaker system alerted to nearby robbery. The cops and serenazgo arrived in a flash and saved the day. The alleged offenders made off into the woods before anyone could catch up with them.

Local villagers have formed peasant rounds to combat insecurity, and they redoubled their efforts when the cast and crew from The Millionaire Matchmaker serial showed up.

Robberies that have occurred on and around Janet Barboza’s property
There have been a number of assaults on the driver of America’s properties in recent days. The most seriously damaged property is her Comas district spa. They robbed the business of cash and valuables by holding them at gunpoint in 2017.

A series of thefts totaled 65,000 soles from this company’s coffers, despite the fact that they had everything in place to keep them safe.

For the fourth time in as many days, people have broken into his home and stolen money and valuables. Barboza said to América TV that he no longer knew what precautions to take to quit being a ‘small home’ of crime because of his quick reaction, and those checks were not paid as a result.

“But my God, what am I supposed to put there?” With cameras and alarms all around me, I’m prepared for anything! If someone can tell us how to prevent this from happening in the future, please let us know. “They assaulted our guard and seized the money that we had arranged for him to deposit in the bank.”


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