After a couple of hours, the beloved couple jumped ahead of the train

After a couple of hours the beloved couple jumped ahead of the train
After a couple of hours the beloved couple jumped ahead of the train

The painful end of a love story in Andhra Pradesh has ended. Here a lover couple jumped ahead of the train and gave up his life after a few hours of forming a marriage. The police is investigating the reasons for suicide.

The incident is from Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. According to the police, Raman and Priya (name changed) were both engineering students. During the engineering studies, the two came closer to each other and seeing their friendship turned into love.

Both of them have the courage to live and die together. Both families came to know about them. Both the families were against their marriage. After which Raman and Priya decided to marry against the wishes of their families and get married.

On Tuesday both of them got married in Vijaywada and then everyone sensed what they did. Just a few hours after the marriage, he sent a message to his friends that he was going to commit suicide.

Before Raman and Priya’s friends could save them, they jumped ahead of the train and gave their life. His body was found on the tracks near the Wetapalam railway station. The police have registered a case. At present, the police is trying to find out the reasons for suicide.

State : Vijayawada

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