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Kit Harington premieres trailer for his new series away from Westeros


Kit Harington departs the world of Game of Thrones and travels to the London of 1605 to star in Gunpowder, a new series on the Gunpowder Conspiracy. Find out more, in this note.

Kit Harington stars in the first trailer of Gunpowder, a new series that takes place in the London of 1605 and deals with precisely the Gunpowder Plot happened at that time. Harington will play Robert Catesby, head of the conspiracy along with Guy Fawkes, played by Tom Cullen. Peter Mullan will play Henry Garnet, Mark Gatiss to Sir Robert Cecil and Liv Tyler to Anne Vaux. The series began filming in February of this year.

Fans of V de Vendetta may know more about this story, since the mask that V uses is that of Guy Fawkes, one of the authors of this conspiracy and inspiring figure for the plan V. Let’s remember the verse that travels through the movie : “Remember, remember the fifth of November, the Gunpowder treason and plot; I remember, remember November 5, the betrayal of gunpowder and conspiracy, I find no reason for the betrayal of gunpowder to ever be forgotten.)

The conspiracy of gunpowder that will be the theme of the series was a failed plot organized by a group of English Catholics (Robert Catesby and Guy Fawkes) to kill King James I, his family and most of the Protestant aristocracy. It was planned to explode the Houses of Parliament during the Opening of State (5 of November of 1605). The conspirators wanted to send a sign of rebellion to the rest of the English Catholics dissatisfied with the criminal measures against them. They intended to install a king obedient to the Pope on the English throne. His plan was discovered, most of the conspirators were executed and more anti-Catholic measures were adopted.

The official synopsis of the series is as follows:

Kit Harington premieres trailer for his new series away from Westeros

“Every year on November 5 the English remember the discovery of the Gunpowder Conspiracy in London in 1605 with fireworks and bonfires. It is often called Guy Fawkes Day because many people mistakenly believe that the conspiracy was orchestrated by Guy Fawkes.

But although Fawkes played a central and triggering role, the man who dreamed of the conspiracy and who was the driving force was Robert Catesby (Harington), a 30-year-old man from Warwickshire. ”

Gunpowder will show the internal struggles of Catesby being a Catholic man in a Protestant England, which was leading him to financial, social and psychological ruin. When his wife and father die, he begins recruiting friends and family to help him with his conspiracy. The thriller of the 17th century will tell the story behind this conspiracy and the rebels who planned it.

In a recent interview, Harington revealed a strange coincidence: he seems to have blood ties on his own with Robert Catesby himself. In addition, one of the relatives by the actor’s father, John Harington, was in the Houses of Parliament when Fawkes’ severed head was being carried in procession past the building. Many family connections make Harington the perfect actor for the role.


The gunpowder conspiracy is a well-known and widely-read story in England and the first adaptation comes from the hand of BBC One and will be released in the fall.

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