Geraldine Bazán dazzles with her stunning beauty from Miami’s beaches.

This time, the actress poses in profile, her eyes closed and her long blonde hair thrown back.

Geraldine Bazan

Geraldine Bazán astonished her more than 5 million Instagram followers on Thursday by posting a snapshot of herself wearing a gorgeous attire.

On this occasion, the actress poses in profile, closing her eyes and flinging back her long blonde hair, wasting all of her stunning beauty and leaving her fans in awe.

Geraldine Bazan 2
Geraldine Bazán On Instagram

Geraldine also chose to wear an outstanding silver blouse, exposing her marked abdomen, and at the bottom she simply wears her panties, allowing us to admire her shapely legs.

The gorgeous sea in the background is located in the city of Miami, Florida, thanks to the socialite who shared its location.

The translator included an explanation in her post that reads, “There will always be light and darkness, stay on the good side,” to which many of her followers agreed.

Bazán’s publication currently has over 60 thousand likes and hundreds of comments from her supporters, who have not stopped thanking her for her incredible bravery.


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