Male cellulite: Can I Get Rid of Cellulite? Treatment, Removal Tips, Symptoms & More

Male cellulite Can I Get Rid of Cellulite Treatment Removal Tips Symptoms More
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Whenever we hear about cellulite we think of women. It is common for the term to be associated with the female body to such an extent that the advertisements or anti-cellulite creams that are advertised seem to be intended for women as if they were the only ones who fight against orange skin …

But men also suffer from cellulite, although both their appearance and the importance that this problem acquires in the male body is different. The reason for this is that male cellulite, which 2% of men accused, does not usually appear in the areas where the feminine appears. In 90% of women, you have to deal with orange skin in areas such as the hips, holsters, thighs, and buttocks. In some cases, we also find cellulite on the abdomen, flanks, and even arms. Men, on the other hand, do not have (or usually do not have) localized fat in the buttocks, or in the holsters or thighs, but in the abdomen, hips, arms, and neck. From a biological point of view, women have more fat because they need it to cope with pregnancy and lactation. Hence, it is normal that the areas of appearance are larger and cellulite is more noticeable.

In addition, as we have advanced, the appearance is also different, as it is less noticeable to the naked eye. The reason? The fat is less concentrated. Male skin is thicker than female skin and fat is deposited differently. Hence, its appearance is also different. As if all this were not enough, the presence of hair in men, stronger and darker than in women, helps to hide the few points where cellulite can be an aesthetic problem.

Apart from these two clearly differentiating issues between the appearance and disposition of male cellulite compared to female, aesthetic medicine specialists draw attention to other reasons that favor a lower appearance of localized fat in men. One of them is related to the hormonal revolution that affects women at different times in their lives. Adolescence, pregnancy, lactation or menopause favor the accumulation of adiposity and, therefore, the appearance of orange skin.

Finally, experts also point out that the greater willingness to perform physical exercise and to burn fat while practicing it helps men to have less cellulite. We are not saying that women do not do sports, but that men tend to be more active and have greater ease in burning fat than women.

How to get rid of male cellulite?

The accumulation of adipose tissue in certain areas of the body creates fat nodules that concentrate and alter the appearance of the skin, providing that unsightly effect. It is, therefore, a complex problem, since it is not enough just to do physical exercise or eat properly, following a healthy and balanced diet. Nor is it enough to lose weight and maintain the line, as it has been shown that cellulite also appears in thin people, who eat a low-fat diet and practice sports regularly.

Therefore, it is normal to resort to aesthetic medicine to end this adiposity. The usual treatments to treat female cellulite are equally valid and effective in reducing orange peel skin in men. Thus, in Multestética we want to collect those methods that help to eliminate it.


One of the most used treatments to reduce orange peel skin is mesotherapy. It is a method that, by intradermally infiltrating vitamins and medications, dissolves adiposity. Fat cells are removed from the body through the lymphatic system. In addition to helping to eliminate cellulite, it helps improve circulation.


Ultrasounds are waves that, applied to different parts of the body, help treat some aesthetic problems. One of them is cellulite. The good results provided by this treatment, which allows to eliminate of up to 80% of localized adiposity, make cavitation the ideal treatment to eliminate orange peel skin. These ultrasounds generate microbubbles that implode and destroy fat cells. The remains of that fat are also eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system.


There are two problems that are usually associated with the accumulation of fat: fluid retention and circulatory problems. With pressotherapy, circulation is reactivated, which helps to improve the appearance of the dermis and, therefore, to reduce orange peel skin.


In this treatment, the cold is used to reduce the localized fat that cellulite generates. As it is controlled, the cold causes the death of adipocytes and, therefore, the reduction of fatty tissue. As in the case of the two previous treatments, fat cells are eliminated from the body naturally through the lymphatic system. One of the advantages of this method over others is that, in addition to reducing orange peel skin, it helps the patient to lose volume in the treated area. So it is very useful to redefine the body silhouette at the same time that the treatment is carried out.


This system acts on the fat cells by injecting hypoosmotic serum. It is carried out in combination with cavitation since it is this last treatment that makes those adipocytes on which it has acted implode and thus can be eliminated from our body.

As we can see, aesthetic medicine also offers men minimally invasive and non-surgical possibilities to eliminate localized fat that can cause male cellulite. If this is your case, do not hesitate to contact a doctor who specializes in cellulite. This will study your problem and recommend the best treatment to follow so that you can say goodbye to orange peel skin.

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