Remove abdominal fat in seven days with eggplant water

1 Eggplant

This vegetable can be the healthy solution to assist you in the diet for 2016, since it is an excellent fat burning resource and that is closer than you think, you could even have it in your garden.

With some exercise, they will be a good solution in your career of mobilizing unwanted fats in your body. In addition to being an excellent blood purifier, to ensure that the body is reinforced with nutrients, this really is a small sacrifice, for the summer, since change always requires some effort in our life routine.


We always recommend that the diets be 40 days, but if you drink this water for a week without daily failure, you can do it only once a month. Since the eggplant and its high vitamin content, it does not need more than 7 days, to purify your body, one month.


FIGHT an eggplant. 
CUT IT in cubes. 
PLACE the pieces, in a jar or dark glass jar. 
MACÉRALA, all night. 

We can take it for 7 days, it will help us purify our blood and body. You can also do it in dressings and some salad dressings, for this, if we recommend it it is for you to stop consuming products or industrial foods or with preservatives.

SERVE it cold or fresh, with a touch of lemon.

DRINK before lunch and dinner, or breakfast and lunch, varies according to the food you consider main, 1 liter is enough that you should consume per day, it is better to take it a few, than saturate with it, 
¡ EYE! Remember that it is a bit bitter, if you saturate yourself, you could spoil the diet.


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