How to build shoulders Arnold style – The right way

The Arnold Schwarzenegger press is not for everyone, but if you risk it, the potential gains are huge.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger press is not for everyone but if you risk it the potential gains are huge.
The Arnold Schwarzenegger press is not for everyone but if you risk it the potential gains are huge.

The icon of bodybuilding revolutionized the sport before its cinematographic career took off, since it accumulated seven titles of Mr. Olympia when it went to Hollywood. You know the story from there, and all thanks to Arnold’s unique physique, which he perfected through hard work in the weight room.

So, if you’re looking to build some rock shoulders, you’re probably comfortable with taking a page from Schwarzenegger’s training book. The unique turn of the bodybuilder is the air press, so effective to stimulate muscle growth that the exercise bears his name: Arnold Press.

The movement is so effective because it involves the three sections of the deltoid, the round-looking muscle that covers the upper arm. “Most men do a lot of work on the front (front) deltas of the push-ups and bench press,” said former Director of Mental Health BJ Gaddou. “But many lack the medial (lateral) and posterior heads.”

Working the medial head adds thickness and width to the shoulders, while the posterior head stabilizes the shoulder joint, improves posture and helps the large traction muscles during deadlifts, dominos, oars and farmer walks.

Should you take a chance?

It is likely that you will stimulate growth if you add the Arnold press to your diet, but you should bear in mind that the movement does not involve risks.

While the Arnold press involves all three parts of the deltoid, it also affects the shoulder joints in a way that could put you at risk of future damage. Because of Schwarzenegger’s adjustment, you run the risk of hurting your shoulders when turning the dumbbells, and internal muscle rotation is always something worth avoiding if possible.

If you are thinking about trying the Arnold press and have shoulder pain, Men’s Health Editor Ebenezer Samuel, CSCS advises you to put the weights aside and look for another exercise immediately. “Focus on strengthening your muscles in the middle part of the back with Superman and external rotations in bands, first,” he says. Once you have done that, perfect your thoracic mobility with some stretches of the spine. “For a good substitute for Arnold, watch Ron Williams’ video showing a tight side rise.

If you insist on doing Arnolds so you can really look like the “Governator”, Samuel advises that you be extremely aware of how you move dumbbells during movement. Never over turn the weights, and keep in mind that your palms never move away. “If the palms of your hands are not fully face to face at the top of the elevator, that’s fine,” he says.

When you begin the movement, begin with little weight during three sets of six to eight repetitions at a time. Once you have mastered it, try to change things with a variety of loads and mix between high, medium and low repetitions. Just be careful and listen to your body.

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Written by Arun Sharma


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