Yuliett Torres goes crazy Mazatlán after beautiful poses with a short dress

Yuliett Torres

The city of Mazatlán was left with its mouth open and a greater than usual sigh after it became known that the attractive fitness model Yuliett Torres made an appearance, although not precisely in a gym or somewhere to party, but in the historic Mazatlan 1873 Observatory that allowed the assistance of the Mexican woman who lived a nice ‘Tour’ and then reserved the beautiful place in order to pose in her style, in the middle of nature.

‘Yuly’ Torres arrived at the place that is located in the city of Mazatleca with an elegant type of clothing. Usually, the public comes to this emblematic place with comfortable clothing since the tour takes a couple of hours, however, they usually wear heels and arrive everywhere like a queen, therefore the visiting hours were not an impediment for the Guadalajara-born woman to present in an exaggeratedly small dress, which shaped her statuesque appearance in the strong heat of the city.

The sensation of social networks enjoys its greatest reach around the Mexican Republic, there is not a day that it becomes a national and international phenomenon, its potential is above what we can expect, so Yuliett prevails every virtue to give away all kinds of material that your babies love. Standing up to pose in front of the camera is the kind of photo that gets the most rave responses, so she didn’t want to disappoint and allowed the machine to capture museum pieces.

Torres was surrounded by trees and bushes that are around the 1873 Mazatlán Observatory. Of course, she enjoyed the photographic series much more because visitors to the country as tourists did not take their eyes off her ‘crush’, which did its thing while in his angel look he established a flattering and perfect smile that excited everyone. In her last post, she shared seven different shots, most of her people described that spring bears her name and her last name because it is a flower that was reborn different from the others.

“I want you to know, I don’t want to tell you. My outfit today… Do you love it?” Yuliett Torres wrote in the legend of her publication that will go beyond the five hours of publication on this first day of March, already in the middle of spring. During this period of time, Miss Tapatia reads too many comments that relate to love, just when the writing of this note will appear in the sports section of the Debate. Yuliett Torres registers 9.8 million followers on Instagram at 26 years old.


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