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Believe it or not, it took more than a month after the successful launch of the first Wonder Woman 2 movie was confirmed . Before that, it was assumed that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment would make a sequel to their most popular movie so far. Since then, we have learned that the title is Wonder Woman 1984 , which also confirms when the movie will be established. Here is everything you need to know …

Release date of Wonder Woman 2
Wonder Woman 1984 was scheduled for release on November 1, 2019. However, it has moved to a more traditional summer release date of June 5, 2020. The move is smart for Warner Bros., as it means They won. Two DC films close to each other will not be released ( Joker’s film will open on October 4, 2019).

It also means that only two DC superhero movies will be released in 2019 ( Shazam! It will open in April 2019). As the first Wonder Woman movie was very successful with a summer opening, it expects the sequel to get similar rewards.

Wonder Woman 2 Casting
Gal Gadot will obviously return. The biggest surprise is that Chris Pine (somehow) is back like Steve Trevor! Narcos (and the former Game of Thrones ) has a role to play in Wonder Woman 1984 in what is described ( through Variety ) as a “key role”. No other details are currently available. It is not clear if he will be playing a hero or a villain. But one thing we do know

it sure looks like he could be playing like a fool in the movie.

The cast also includes Natasha Rothwell ( unsafe ), Ravi Patel and Gabriella Wilde according to Deadline . No details available about their roles currently. And, of course, Kristen Wiig is in the movie, and we have more details about her role next.

Wonder Woman trailer 2
There is not yet a trailer, but we do have information about the images that were projected in SDCC.

Story of Wonder Woman 2
Here is the official synopsis … as scarce as it can be. Like something ripped from the headlines of today, Diana could be facing the Soviet Union in Wonder Woman 2 .

We advance to the 1980s when the next adventure on the big screen Wonder Woman finds against a whole new foe: the cheetah.

Patty Jenkins already mentioned that she planned to have Wonder Woman 2 in America. In an interview with EW , Ms. Jenkins said that Wonder Woman 2 “will be held in the United States, which I think is correct. She is the wonder woman. She has to come to America. It’s the moment”.

Since the film is unlikely to show the Russians as direct villains (like the way they handled the Germans on the First World War stage of the first film), this could be a matter of Diana avoiding an involuntary nuclear armageddon.

In any case, do not expect this to be a situation like Superman IV: The search for peace where the hero tries to rid the world of all nuclear weapons or something like that. Although it also sounds like Patty Jenkins is at least a little excited to tell Diana’s story a little more modern.

“The most exciting thing,” he told ET Online , “is literally to see her loose in the world now, living those classic stories,” Jenkins added. “Here is Wonder Woman and what can she do? It should be a totally different movie, but a great and now complete Wonder Woman in the world. ”

Wonder Woman 2 Villain
Check out the first image of the villain Wonder Woman 1984 by Kristen Wiig, Barbara Minerva, also known as Cheetah.

What we are seeing here seems to align with the comic version of Cheetah (the third of four), which begins as Barbara Ann Minerva, an archaeologist whose fascination with an African cheetah leads her to a Faustian deal with the ancients. God plants Urzkartaga. The supernatural act yields its immortality and the physical abilities and physical attributes of a cheetah.

In fact, the image of the modest Barbara Kristervis Kristen Wiig (which is properly observing an exhibition of African wildlife) seems to resemble the previous state Catwoman auxiliary office version of Michelle’s Pfeiffer Selina Kyle in Batman Returns in 1992 .

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