Vanessa Claudio raises the temperature with a modern brown bikini and knitted pareo

Vanessa Claudio
Vanessa Claudio

The host of “Al Extremo” again imposed fashion on social networks, where her followers did not hesitate to fill her with compliments

One of the most beautiful and sexy conductors of the moment is Vanessa Claudio , who thanks to her style has been crowned on more than one occasion as one of the best dressed in multiple events, which range from galas to program broadcasts, although in this occasion the way in which she wore was with a revealing knitted bikini.

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The model, in addition to being very innovative, has details that make it perfect for the season, such as the knitted seams and the color, since, as we have previously mentioned, one of the colors of the season is coffee, for which, the fact of wearing any of the variants of this color in your autumn clothes is an excellent choice.

Would you wear a pareo like the driver’s?

On the other hand, the host of “Al Extremo ” decided to mix her sexy bikini with a matching pareo that, in addition to having the same color and fit, ended up adding a touch of style and sensuality to the look, which is ideal for a getaway to the beach during this season of the year.

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And it is that the fringes of Vanessa Claudio ‘s pareo are another detail that gives versatility to her beach outfit , which, unlike most pareos, is framed perfectly on the hips of the presenter, who poses like a top model in these photos shared on her Instagram account.

Here, Vanessa Claudio’s little tenderloin slipped into her pic. Although if you wish, a bikini as sexy as Vanessa Claudio ‘s can also be perfect to show off at a pool party where everyone will focus their eyes on you and on your exquisite taste when dressing, which fits perfectly with the current trends.

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As accessories, you can choose to use dark glasses that help protect your gaze from the sun and if you want to give your outfit more details, you can use stainless steel bracelets that do not get ruined by constant contact with water, since with This will not have to worry about getting in and out of the pool or the sea.

Do you like Vanessa Claudio’s beach outfit?

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