Valentina Pinault falls in love with her fans by speaking Spanish and shows in VIDEO what she carries in her bag

The daughter of the Mexican actress was surprised to appear in a video speaking perfect Spanish and took the opportunity to show her fans the contents of her bag

Valentina Pinault Appeared In A Video With Her Famous Mother
Valentina Pinault appeared in a video with her famous mother

Valentina Pinault, daughter of Salma Hayek, surprised the fans of her famous mother by appearing in a video speaking perfect Spanish and in which she took the opportunity to show what she was carrying in her handbag, showing a little of her aspects. more personal and your tastes.

Both Valentina and Salma were the most recent guests to participate in the famous “What’s in my bag?” section of “Vogue” magazine, in which both were quite entertaining and fun while sharing with the readers a little of his tastes and most intimate aspects of his personality.

In the recording, both the daughter and the wife of the French businessman François-Henri Pinault were amused and also gave proof of what their mother-daughter relationship is like for the first time, something that delighted the fans of both, since in very They rarely share such personal moments with others in such an open and fluid way. The common thing is to see them on a red carpet or captured by some paparazzi.

Valentina Pinault surprises with her good Spanish
This has become the first appearance of Valentina Pinault before the media, in which she also demonstrated how well she speaks Spanish, the mother tongue of her famous mother. In the recording, the two are seen very amused talking about the contents of their bags, and the reason why they carry each object.

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Valentina, 14 years old, for example, showed that in her bag it is common to carry various perfumes, as well as a vintage camera since photography is one of her hobbies; With it, she enjoys capturing moments with her friends, family, or portraying an object that is attractive to her, she declared. She also currently takes photography courses and it seems that she has a great talent since even her teachers have recognized her work.

Salma Hayek meanwhile showed the contents of her bag; an iPad, which has a painting made by Valentina as a wallpaper; some snacks; makeup, and even a jar of chili powder: “I travel a lot, and in many place, they don’t understand that you can’t eat without chili.” She also surprised her admirers by showing off that she carries a palo santo, which helps her remove bad vibes from the places she goes.

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