They claim that Kimberly Loaiza’s sister was beaten by her father after dating an older man

In social networks, an alleged response that Stefanny Loaiza gave for this fact was leaked, which shocked everyone. 

Stefanny Loaiza

Sinaloa, MAZATLN.- Stefanny Loaiza, Kimberly Loaiza’s sister, is caught in the crossfire after her father allegedly beat her for dating an older man.

A video was shared on social media from the restaurant’s cameras showing the 17-year-old influencer dining with a young man, 30 years old.


Stefanny Loaiza Jeans
Photograph Courtesy Of @ Stefannyloaiza / Instagram

According to reports, the sister of the ” Lindura Mayor ” went to the Charros Fuego y Parrilla restaurant in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, with Mario Barrón, alias Mayito.


According to other stories, Mr. Carlos Loaiza, the influencer’s father, came to the restaurant and when he discovered his daughter allegedly kissing Mayito, he chastised her, slapped her, and dragged her out by pulling her hair, leaving no one able to intervene.

According to @ polemicas.youtubera’s Instagram account, Stefanny’s father threatened everyone in the restaurant and threatened to “pick up” anyone who uploaded a photo or video of the time he struck.

Following this revelation, other films were broadcast in which a man is seen beating a young woman, however it is impossible to tell whether the man is Mr. Carlos or Stefanny.

Similarly, a purported message made by Kimberly Loaiza’s sister to the @ polemicas.youtubera account was released, in which she indicates that her sister left her parents’ house for the same reason.

Hello controversies, because I’m not sure whether to thank you or insult you, I hope you understand what you’re doing by publishing that; I’m not asking you to download it because it’s already available everywhere, but as you demonstrated, it’s my sad reality, which is why Kim hasn’t returned home; as for Mayito, we’re just friends and he has nothing to do with it because he only wants me to be well and he’s my shoulder on which I support


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