The Walking Dead also loses Michonne: Danai Gurira will leave the series in the tenth season

Danai Gurira Will Leave The Series In The Tenth Season
Danai Gurira will leave the series in the tenth season

The disbanding of actors of ‘The Walking Dead’ begins to be worrying. After the departure of Andrew Lincoln , the protagonist of the series of its beginnings, came that of Lauren Cohan , who gave life to Maggie, and now the news is Danai Gurira will stop playing Michonne during the tenth season of the adaptation of the comics by Robert Kirkman.

Hollywood Reporter has revealed that the actress has finally reached an agreement to appear limited during the tenth season before leaving the series. That supposes that it will only appear in a handful of episodes before leaving it . Then he will most likely join the trilogy of films being prepared about Rick’s character.

Gurira came to ‘The Walking Dead’ during the third season and his Michonne soon became one of the main axes of the series. In the comics it still appears, but so does Rick, so definitely both universes are separating more and more. Nothing is known at the moment about what the story arc will be to explain his departure . It gives me that the enormous success of ‘Black Panther’ , where Gurira gave life to Okoye, something has had to do with his progress.

David Madden, AMC’s programming president, commented in November that they were willing to continue counting on Gurira, but it seems they are finally going to have to content themselves with justifying Michonne’s departure and little else. At that time it was announced the renewal of the contracts of Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Melissa McBride (Carol), the two veterans who hold since the beginning of the series.

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