The second season of ‘La Jaura’ has already begun, and we’ve shared all the information below.

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The Second Season Of La Jaura Has Already Begun And Weve Shared All The Information Below.
The second season of La Jaura has already begun and weve shared all the information below.

The second season of La Jaura is already available on Amazon Prime Video.

Starting on April 22, the Chilean series about a police squad specializing in gender crimes will have eight new episodes available on the streaming platform.

In the second season, they will face unknown forces and the economic elite’s status quo while attempting to bring down a network of misogynistic power that operates from the Deep Web with the sole purpose of identifying and harming women.

This task, however, will not be easy because they will have to weigh their demons as well as their relationships with their loved ones.

The story of ‘The Pack’

Blanca Ibarra ( Antonia Giesen ), 17, a student and feminist movement leader, goes missing in the middle of a protest organized by a group of students from the Santa Inés school, following an alleged case of abuse between a teacher and a student.

Hours later, a video of the young woman being raped by a group of men goes viral on social media. This sparks a frenetic search for Blanca and those responsible for the incident.

There are no clues at first, but Elisa Murillo ( Daniela Vega ), Olivia Fernández ( Antonia Zegers ), and Carla Faras ( Maria Gracia Omegna ) the police unit specializing in gender crimes soon discover that all of the suspects are members of a chat group. La Jaura de Lobos is a pseudonym under which unidentified subjects commit sexual assaults on Catholic school students.

Based on a true story

The drama is based on the La Manada rape case, which occurred in Pamplona, Spain, in 2016, and its first season was released in July 2020, with the first episode airing on Chilean television in November of that year.

Its overwhelming success prompted the digital platform to renew it for a second season, which will finally air on April 22.

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