The only fusion of Dragon Ball that could surpass the mighty Vegeta

Fusions in Dragon Ball offer a functional tool for Z Fighters in times of trouble.

The only fusion of Dragon Ball that could surpass the mighty Vegeta
The only fusion of Dragon Ball that could surpass the mighty Vegeta

The last arc of Dragon Ball Z, in addition to showing us the dangerous threat that Majin Buu represented, taught us a completely different fusion than what we had seen in anime history.

While Frieza was the main enemy on planet Namek, we saw perhaps the first fusion: Piccolo’s with Nail. During the Android storyline, the same Namekian rejoined as Kami Sama ( KamiCoroSama ) and in this same arc Cell needed Number 17 and Number 18 to reach his perfect form.

But what happened in the Majin Buu arc was totally different. To begin with, two types of mergers were seen in the development of this story. The first is the one that is done through dance, which ended up provoking the warrior Gotenks (Goten and Trunks) and Gogeta (Goku and Vegeta).

The second fusion is the one applied by the Supreme Kaio Sama through the Pothala earrings. This is responsible for perhaps the strongest fighter of all fusions: Vegetto.

The combination of the powers of two pure Saiyans, combined with the fact that they are doing it through a celestial device, is already enough evidence to affirm that there is no fusion that causes a more complete fighter than this.

However, it is possible that what is happening in Dragon Ball Super at the moment will generate a stronger warrior.

Dragon Ball Super manga

The Dragon Ball Super manga premiered episode 81 very recently. Goku, Vegeta and Granola face the powerful army of the Heata, led by the younger brother of these forces, Gas.

The leader of the evil organization gathered the dragon balls (there are two of them) and asked Gas to be the strongest warrior in the universe. Now, our heroes are going through a complex situation to which they will have to find a solution.

There seems to be no way out of this situation. Gas is actually a practically invincible fighter. However, a merger could be the way out of this impasse.

Granola also asked the dragon of this planet to make him the strongest fighter in the universe before Gas. Therefore, the union with Goku would be accurate against any rival who stands in front of him.

And Vegeta with Granola?

The Alpha Beta site highlights that yes, a fusion between Vegeta and Granola would also be very powerful. The difference with Goku’s is that this one would have the anguish that torments the mind of the prince of the Saiyans; a situation that affects power-up abilities, according to what Beerus and Whis have said.

A fusion of Goku and Granola would surpass the mighty Vegetto. The only thing we do not have is the specific name if this phenomenon were to occur. Graku? _ Gonola? _ That would be up to the producers of the new stories.

What do you think?

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