Sushmita Sen, 46, showed off her bikini body in the midst of rumours of a romance with Lalit Modi.

Sushmita Sen
Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen, 46, showed off her bikini body amid rumors of a romance with Lalit Modi.

The spotlight has suddenly been shone on Sushmita Sen, a young actress from New Delhi. Everyone was taken by surprise when she announced recently that she was dating Lalit Modi. On the other side, there has been a lot of talk about their relationship. Meanwhile, the actress has a laid-back demeanor. On her Instagram account, you can see evidence of this.

Sushmita Sen is a social media powerhouse.

Sushmita, meanwhile, has become a social media powerhouse. Every day, she’s allowing admirers to see her sultry and edgy new style. With her new avatar, she has again shocked her followers. Sushmita is shown on the beach in the most recent photograph. She has posted a picture of herself on Instagram, and it has now gone viral.

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Sushmita Sen has a seductive physique.

This shot shows only Sushmita’s rear and a little of her face. In this photo, she’s wearing a one-piece swimsuit. She’s hiding her shoulders with a white shrug that’s both translucent and opaque. The actress had her hair in a ponytail throughout this scene.

Sushmita may be seen savoring the scenery in front of her in this picture. That’s why her daughter Alisah Sen was asked to take this picture. By the way, even Sushmita’s bravest incarnation has been taken aback.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

The declaration by Lalit Modi had come as a surprise.

Lalit Modi recently stunned everyone by sharing some of her intimate photos with Sushmita by posting them on her Instagram. One of her postings referred to the actress as ’til the better half’.’ Since then, there have been rumors regarding their marriage. Later, Lalit Modi clarified that she and her boyfriend are only dating and that they want to be married shortly.

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