Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, all the details of the new planet devised by Disney

star wars land model disney world disneyland
star wars land model disney world disneyland

It will be a place never before seen but with all the spirit of the saga created by George Lucas. Infobae spoke with Scott Mallwitz, Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Director, to find out how this process was

A new planet never before seen is brewing at Disney’s Hollywood’s Studios. With all the magic of the saga of George Lucas, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge works day and night to open its doors in 2019.

But this land will have nothing to do with what is seen in the movies – although it does have the essence of the story. And visitors will be able to choose through an interactive adventure between being inside the dark side or not.

Scott Mallwitz, Creative Director Walt Disney Imagineering (basically the great ‘imaginator’ of this wonderful place).

“For 40 years, people tried to understand how they can experience what the Star Wars environment is all about: It would have been easy for LucasFilm and us – Imagineering – to say: ‘Let’s build a place we’ve seen’, but quickly we said no, we needed extend the universe to take people to a place they have never seen but that we can create together, that fits right into the entire history of the galaxy in the Star Wars universe. ”

As described by Mallwitz, his task as ‘Imagineer’ is to design immersive experiences for all ages and groups and, on this occasion, also create a great affinity with Star Wars fans.

The planet Batuu inside

It will be a vibrant port that fell and became a “gathering area for smugglers, bounty hunters, adventurers and people who do not want to be found.” Although Star Wars fans never heard of this planet, its history is millenary and the characters in the series will be familiar with it.

Said Scott: “The exciting thing about this planet is that it’s a new place unknown to almost all the fans with new adventures ahead.” This place was one of the most important stops on the old trade routes before the trip at the speed of the We are talking about an interplanetary exchange for that moment, it was built over the years as a free area for people to exchange goods and services. ”

You can climb and drive the famous Millennium Falcon

Visitors will enter through a tunnel that will take them to a spacious desert spaceport full of activity. The mountains of the alien planet where the attraction is established will be visible in the distance, hiding any evidence that the guests are on Earth.

“We will have two great attractions: the first, and one that I have always wanted to do, will be behind the controls of a Millennium Falcon (or Millennium Falcon).

The second attraction is going to be placed right in the middle of the battle between the first order and the resistance. It is one of the most exciting and large-scale attractions we have conceived at Walt Disney Imagineering, “Mallwitz added.

In Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge everyone will have the opportunity to help and assist the Resistance, as well as to join the dark side. And a minor detail: there will be 100% real lightsabers to fight.

“I hope that the guests find their own story, their own meaning and their particular connection to the Star Wars universe, this a powerful environment, with a sense of adventure and that which we really hope to convey here in Batuu on Galaxy’s Edge.”

May the force be with you…

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