Everything that has happened in ‘The Last Jedi’ (and we do not speak only of what is seen on the screen) allows us to anticipate a couple of things about the future of the trilogy

The last Jedi has just been released in cinemas and now we want more. But we’re going to have to wait a bit to know how the Skywalker family saga ends. Here we have compiled every detail of what we know about the future Episode IX , but be careful. Because as you can imagine, in this text there are a few spoilers of The Last Jedi . If you have already seen the movie and are eager to know what comes next, keep reading. But, come back when you are ready to know more about what we still need to see in a galaxy far, far away. Because, from here:

The film The Last Jedi began only a few months after the premiere of The Force Awakens, which implies that Rian Johnson had a more or less definitive copy of the script since before Episode VII reached theaters. But things are a lot more complicated in the case of Episode IX. Shortly after the death of Carrie Fisher, Kathleen Kennedy ordered that Lucasfilm begin from scratch, and thus be able to fit the disappearance of Leia in the franchise. But it was not the only script change.

It has been necessary to change everything again after the director Colin Trevorrow’s last-minute march of the project, in September. The new director, JJ Abrams and screenwriter Chris Terrio ( Batman v Superman, Justice League ) have been rewriting the story ever since.

So, when does filming begin and when does it begin?
All those accidents in the pre-production have made the filming of Episode IX has gone to June 2018. And the release date has also been delayed, from May 2019 to December 20 of that year.

Will we see Luke and Leia in Episode IX?
Kennedy has said that Leia will not appear in Episode IX and that The Last Jedi will be her last appearance. But there seems to be a way we can see Luke again, right?

How much time elapses between the end of The Last Jedi and the beginning of Episode IX?
There is still nothing definitive, but one of the most widespread theories says that there will be some kind of temporary jump between the two films. Yes, the last Jedi begins exactly where the Awakening of the Force ended … But, if we continue with the similes, between The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi took about six months. There may be a similar jump here. Thus, not only both sides would have time to lick the wounds and regroup for the final confrontation. Fisher’s disappearance between the two films could also be better justified.

What’s the next movie about?
Since the scripts are not yet finished, it is obvious that we do not have a definitive answer to this question. But we can hope that this is the closing to the saga of the Skywalkers. Luke and Leia are gone, the only one still carrying Skywalker blood inside is Ben Solo. And, truth be told, it would be quite surprising that Kylo Ren survived this chapter. Between that and the confirmation that Rey is not part of the family charged with bringing balance to La Fuerza, it’s time to end the Skywalker legacy. Kennedy told the Independent recently: “Whether we go ahead with the Skywalkers or not, George [Lucas] always wanted nine movies. And we are still talking about what we will do next. ”

But even if the curtain goes down for the Skywalkers, that does not mean that Episode IX is the end for the new characters we’ve gotten so fond of. “We’re in meetings, we’re discussing what Star Wars stories to tell in the next 10 years and also looking at where to go in the narrative,” Kennedy explained a month ago. That includes “future stories with these characters (King, Poe, Finn, BB-8) but we are also in conversations with people interested in joining the franchise and take us to places where we have not been before. And that is also exciting because it is a galaxy as big as very, very far away.

Will a mystery be solved?
Almost all the big questions in this trilogy have an answer. We already know that King’s parents were simple scrap-dealers from Jakku. And it does not even sound like a tricky solution: that she is not “nobody” fits perfectly in this moment of the franchise. We can not imagine Abrams undoing that narrative from Johnson’s script. We also know what happened to Luke and Ben so many years ago and, well, it turns out that Snoke’s origins were of no importance. So, even with Abrams’ reputation for getting rabbits out of the hat, I do not think much remains to be solved in Episode IX. And it’s a relief since it leaves everything open for Kylo and Rey to dedicate themselves to exploring that dysfunctional relationship they maintain.

Who will be the bad guy?
Now that Snoke is out, there is little doubt that Kylo Ren is the main villain of this trilogy. It is a very exciting premise because irresistible as it was Emperor Palpatine, we had never had such a human and deliciously ambiguous “villain” in the Dark Reverse. We can assume that there will be a final battle between Rey and Kyle, and that this confrontation will feed on all the tension and into history that they have built in the last two installments. We can also rule out that the Dark Side takes over as King. When he rejected Kylo’s offer, he did it firmly.

Episode VIII ends with the Skywalker’s lightsaber (the one that first came from Anakin and then handed Kenobi to Luke) split in two after Kylo and Rey played the Sogatira de la Fuerza with him. So, what’s left for Rey to help the Resistance in Episode IX? The simplest thing would be to rebuild the blue saber. But making your own sword is a transition ritual in Jedi training: when Luke loses the blue saber next to his hand in The Empire strikes back, he creates his own green saber as part of his promotion to Jedi Master. Kylo made his red one, with that strange hilt because he did it with a kyber crystal (of those who spoke so much in Rogue One) damaged. It is quite possible that Rey does not know how to make one, but he would manage quite well, especially if a pair of Force specters gave him a hand.

Maybe it would be easier to go for the green saber. Because it’s quite likely that he stayed behind after the “fight” between Luke and Kylo. What if Rey goes looking for him? Pablo Hidalgo, the creative director of the Lucasfilm Story Group, told Vanity Fair that we might see that lightsaber again: “We took the lesson that Obi-Wan tried to teach Anakin very seriously: ‘This weapon is your life ‘ We’re not the kind to lose track of a lightsaber. ”

HOW MANY RESISTANCE pilots remain?
The Resistance was already doing badly, but at the end of The last Jedi are directly decimated. What’s left, about 12 fighter pilots? Maybe not. We know that Leia sent a message of help to the Outer Rim, and thanks to the Visual Dictionary of the last Jedi, we know that a few Resistance pilots who came out in The Awakening of the Force (Snap Wexley among them, played by a colleague Abrams’ regular Greg Grunberg) had either “dispersed to other evacuation points” or were “assigned to other missions” . In other words, the handful of survivors aboard the Millennium Falcon are not all that remains of the Resistance.

But then Rey is The Last Jedi?
Rey has a pretty big to-do list: piloting the Falcon, getting a lightsaber, chatting with some other bluish spectrum, defeating Kylo Ren, all the previous ones are correct. But the last sequence of Episode VIII taught us one of the Dickensian children of Canto Bight looking at the stars ( the boy has a name, by the way: Temari Blagg). It seems that the boy is sensitive to the Force and in those seconds he imitates Luke the original poster of Episode IV. Will Rey have his own Padawan? After all, we know that he took the ancient Jedi texts aboard the Millennium Falcon. Is Rey ready to step from student to teacher in Episode IX?

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