Spicy message from Jorge Rial after Romina Pereiro’s anger at Josefina Pouso

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Jorge Rial
Jorge Rial

Last week Yanina Latorre showed on LAM, América Tv, the revealing photos of Jorge Rial with Josefina Pouso together in a bar in Madrid, Spain.

The little angel told the air that the driver had an appointment with the journalist in that city after attending the Rolling Stones show.

Yanina Latorre also revealed that she spoke with a close friend of Pouso and that person confirmed that Romina Pereiro exploded with fury after seeing the photos of Rial and Pouso.

“I talked to her friends. They told me what she said when they asked her about the meeting after the recital. Here we are, laughing. We just got up,” were the words that Pouso used in the chat with her best friends.

“He hit him a little like the ort… because the ex went crazy and sent him an e-mail, but that’s it,” the journalist reportedly said, as detailed by the little angel in LAM.

Apparently, according to the information provided by Latorre, Romina Pereiro is outraged at her ex-husband, Jorge Rial, after learning of the nascent affair with Pouso.

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Jorge Rial’s spicy message after Romina Pereiro’s anger

After learning in public about Romina Pereiro’s anger at the appearance of Jorge Rial’s photos with Josefina Pouso together in Madrid, the former host of Intruders launched an accurate message through his Instagram stories, which would be directed at his “past”.

“The past is never where you think you left it. stepped on. stepped on. Stepped on”, indicated the journalist in a strong sentence. Addressed to his ex-wife.

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