Sofía Vergara moves the rear to do cardio in the gym In tight leggings

The Colombian actress and model Sofía Vergara showed that at 49 years of age she continues to maintain her anatomy in perfect shape and dazzled by making sensual hip movements with her sports outfit

Sofia Vergara was inspired by Karol Gs lokk
Sofia Vergara was inspired by Karol Gs lokk

Sofía Vergara paralyzed hearts and captivated her Instagram followers with a short video in which she showed off one of the attributes of her body that has attracted the most attention since she began to become famous.

This Tuesday, through a clip that was uploaded to her stories, the Colombian actress and model showed that at 49 years of age she continues to keep her anatomy in perfect shape and was encouraged to move the rear to do a little cardio in the gym. , sheathed in tight printed leggings that showed her hips and the sexy little dance.

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Just a few days before, Sofía Vergara shared an image to ensure that she was inspired by the turquoise blue hair tone of her Colombian compatriot Karol G, and wore that striking look with a pink bikini, which has so far achieved more than a million of little red hearts and hundreds of good comments where they highlighted how good the jury of the “America’s Got Talent” program looks.

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