“She was pretty spoilt,” says one witness of Kourtney Kardashian’s behaviour on a flight.

The older Kardashian sister appeared in a controversial scenario on board an aircraft while searching for her partner’s phone, Travis Barker.

Kourtney Kardashian was the protagonist of an embarrassing moment on a flight to New York
Kourtney Kardashian was the protagonist of an embarrassing moment on a flight to New York

Last Wednesday, October 13, Kourtney Kardashian appeared in an embarrassing scenario on a Delta aircraft from Los Angeles to New York. A punk rock drummer named Travis Barker was with the 42-year-old billionaire at the time of the incident.

This whole situation began when Travis unintentionally threw his phone between the business class seats just before takeoff. When the flight attendant urged the TV celebrity to take a seat, he required “five more minutes” of searching before taking a seat, a passenger on the flight revealed to Page Six in the midst of the trip.

“She got into some mischief and had a lot of expectations placed on her. They didn’t like her because she wasn’t kind and she behaved like a female,” he added. He also mentioned that Barker, the owner of the misplaced object, stayed composed throughout the ordeal.

The flight attendants repeatedly warned the KUWTK star not to get up from her seat, citing the perilous nature of the scenario. However, the witness reported that “she was terrified and kept saying: ‘Give me five more minutes.'”

I dropped it under one of those wacky recliners” (in business class). “The anonymous passenger reported that she was in the corridor looking for him and even leaned over and used the light from her phone to help her find him.”

The drummer’s phone was ultimately found after two hours of labour by the flight attendant removing the chair. One of Kourtney’s close friends disputed with the claims, saying: “It’s easy to disassemble!”

“The flight attendant felt awful for rushing her because she didn’t ask for five more minutes.” He offered his apologies and announced that he would be there to assist them during the flight. He came to the conclusion that the passenger was making things up.

Travis Barker’s terrible death in a plane crash.
A plane disaster in 2008 claimed the lives of the drummer of Blink-182 and left him hospitalised for three months with 65 percent body burns, necessitating 26 surgeries. The musician became terrified of flying as a result of this experience.

Kourtney Kardashian has helped the artist get back on a plane, even though they’ve only been dating for a few months, according to an interview with Nylon magazine.

When I’m with her, I’m invincible.” Like it was a dream, I’d never again contemplated taking to the skies “, she explained. The couple took a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in October, the musician’s first flight in 13 years.

The drummer continued, “There are a million things that could happen to me.” My skateboard is dangerous, and I’m afraid I’ll fall off and hurt myself. It’s possible that you’ll be involved in an automobile accident. They have the right to shoot me. Everything is possible. A brain aneurysm could be fatal. So, what’s the point of having a fear of flying?” According to an interview with Travis Barker, he said this.

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