Shakira reveals that her mother-in-law gave her the worst advice of her life

Shakira and Gerard Pique confirmed their separation
Shakira and Gerard Pique confirmed their separation

In an interview for Vogue, the Colombian Shakira reveals that her mother-in-law gave her the worst advice of her life and assures her that she would not do it again.

In an interview with the Colombian singer Shakira for the iconic Vogue magazine, she spoke about the looks that have accompanied her throughout her almost 30-year career, explaining them, since she has gone through various stages and styles, just like what colors and revealed that her mother-in-law gave her the worst advice of her life.

In a video that was uploaded to the Facebook account, you can see the interpreter of ” Que me quedes tú ” sitting behind a desk with a tablet where she revealed the singer’s looks, first starting in 2000 with a style that he chose for the night of the Grammys, narrating how the story of that was because it was a brand new red outfit with which he fell in love with those present.

Shakira said that she chose that color because red clothes are very impressive for her, she also revealed that she wanted the body tight on her hips so that with each movement she made she looked more impressive.

Then followed the year 2012, with an outfit that he used in Celebrities Honored by the French Ministry of Culture, where he wore a shiny silver dress, accompanied by high black boots and a striking haircut, which he talked about.

Well, the beautiful Colombian singer revealed that she cut her hair to her shoulders due to advice from her mother-in-law at the time, who assured her that she would look great, apart from doing her hair a favor, when in fact she confessed that she repented 100% and that this had been the worst advice, she said:

“Oops, too bad, that’s a bad haircut, this is my mother-in-law’s advice… worst mistake of my life, mother-in-law, I won’t follow you aesthetic advice again”

Later let out a few laughs and start talking about the dress, of which she assured her that the designer was a friend of hers who always got her out of trouble. This interview was posted in August of last year when she was still in a relationship with soccer player Gerard Piqué.

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