Peaky Blinders: Discover Tommy Shelby’s degree in real life

This towards Tommy Shelby until he found success in acting.

Peaky Blinders Discover Tommy Shelbys degree in real life

Cillian Murphy, 45, has been in the world of cinema for several years. In his beginnings he was a theater actor, he had a music band and he even enrolled in a university career, although he abandoned it to follow his dreams, which have been fulfilled little by little until he got to play Tommy Shelby in “Peaky Blinders”, the best role of his life.

Cillian Murphy lives a great moment. Since he gives body and voice to Tommy Shelby, the Irish actor has made a great leap to fame. However, he already has a long career in the world of acting, both in film and theater. Despite this, he usually opts for a life with a low profile, calm, and family life away from the flashes.

Cillian Murphy fue Tommy Shelby en Peaky Blinders.
Before playing Tommy, a role he has played since 2013, Cillian Murphy had already participated in great successes such as “Extermination”, “Night Flight”, “The Origin” and the “Batman: The Dark Knight” saga. Before all this, he ventured into other professions and hobbies that show him in a rather unknown profile for fans of the series present on Netflix .

Cillian Murphy always knew that his thing was to put into words what others wanted. That’s why she studied law, but after failing all her subjects in the first year, she decided to drop out of law to focus on theater acting.

After his truncated passage through Law, Cillian Murphy, already focused on theater, also dedicated himself to music. Even in his adolescence and youth he had his own band with which he was very close to releasing several albums. Furthermore, after starring in his first leading roles, he also became a film producer.

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