Paul McCartney turns 80 and in Liverpool, his music is everywhere

Last living member of the Beatles with Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney celebrates his 80th birthday this Saturday. The native of Liverpool remains an essential figure in this English city.

Paul McCartney 1
Paul McCartney 1

In Liverpool, on the renovated docks, Jackie walks, headphones in her ears. She loops her favorite piece, which she agrees to share: signed Paul McCartney, of course. ” Bluebird,  its innocuous little tune… it’s so beautiful, I love this song.” The child of the country, the last Beatles still living with Ringo Starr, has just celebrated his 80th birthday and still arouses as much admiration.

Paul McCartney

Jackie, a 50-year-old born in Liverpool, where she still lives, cannot remember a moment without McCartney. “Paul McCartney is talented beyond belief. He has completely shared his musical talent with the world. His music is a gift. It has been with me my whole life and it will continue.”

In Liverpool, whether next to the statue of the Beatles on the banks of the Mersey, in front of 20 Forthlin  Road where he grew up, or on Penny Lane Avenue, Paul McCartney is everywhere. In the ears, in the head in the memories. Dom is a musician, a vocation he owes to his idol whom he listens to every day, with of course a small preference. ” I would say, Lady Madonna…”, he smiles.–LHRI

When he mentions Macca, an affectionate diminutive, Dom has a lump in his throat and he immediately specifies how McCartney never leaves him. Especially since he has a child. “My son is called Jude Paul, he explains. He’s my hero. I would never have picked up an instrument and learned to write a song without his influence. For me, Paul is everything. I owe him a large part of my life.” His model will not play Saturday, June 18 in Liverpool but he will go to see him in exactly one week. At Glastonbury Festival, 200 miles from here.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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