Ninel Conde is careless and her implants almost come out on stage

Ninel Conde is careless and her implants almost come out on stage
Ninel Conde is careless and her implants almost come out on stage

It causes a stir on social networks , after showing off a great and tight strip outfit, as users pointed out that the implants almost came out on stage, unleashing intense reactions and dividing comments. 

And it is that if something characterizes the famous singer, it is that for her presentations she always chooses the outfits that best highlight her sculpture, so this time she wanted to surprise with a tighter look than usual, hoping to be the sensation in the presentation. 

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It was through her official Instagram account that Ninel Conde shared with her followers a postcard from one of her shows, where she put on a red strappy dress very full of chaquira-like glitter, however, this time she squeezed it more and Internet users could not help pointing out that the implants almost came out on stage. 

Accompanying her outfit with white boots to stand out from the lights at night, the actress shares that she ultimately loves her work and enjoys it as if it were a roller coaster of emotions and although sometimes the path can be complicated, she always tries to learn something. different on the way. 

In the comments of the publication, several users who criticized the singer and the excess implant insight, their fans quickly came to their defense, who did not hesitate to confront the actress of Rebelde, as they assured that it was part of the outfit and that she has never shown more. 

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On the other hand, ‘El Bombón Asesino’ has not let the ‘haters’ stand in her way, because in the face of criticism she usually shows herself as a strong woman and does not let anyone put her down, while many say things to her in social media she continues to boast success in music and as a content creator on

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