Nicole Kidman instructs to break through the barriers again and exempt from inspection pneumonia variants cause the Hong Kong crew of “Expats” to be disbanded

Nicole Kidman

Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman (Nicole Kidman) came to Hong Kong in August last year to film the TV series “Expats”. After Nicole left Hong Kong in September, the crew continued to stay in Hong Kong for filming while waiting for Nicole to return to Hong Kong to make up Take other shots. However, it was reported today (4th) that due to the global spread of the pneumonia Omicron variant virus, the Hong Kong team of “Expats” has now been disbanded, and the series will be filmed in the United States. Therefore, Nicole will no longer be a drama. Set to visit Hong Kong, instead of flying to the local for shooting after the New Year holiday.

Gal Gadot discusses her role as Cleopatra in the forthcoming film, saying that she will deliver “the tale the world needs to hear right now.”

The TV series “Expats” was directed by the Chinese female director Wang Ziyi, with the participation of Japanese male star Brian Tee and others. Last year, Nicole visited Hong Kong to film in the downtown area of ​​Mong Kok. After that, she was dissatisfied with the filming arrangements and quarreled with the director and left Hong Kong. It was circulated twice. When Nicole visited Hong Kong again, I thought I would see Nicole come to Hong Kong again next month, but it didn’t come true in the end.

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Written by Arun Sharma

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