TWICE’s Nayeon released her first solo album IM NAYEON and a video for POP!


Nayeon , a member of TWICE, one of the top female girl groups in the world, made her solo debut with the single ‘ POP !’, from her first mini-album De Ella IM NAYEON -can be heard on Spotify-, and captured the top trending positions on the network.

The music video for ” POP !” It begins with the K-pop idol signing a stack of her albums for her fans, before showing her the song’s energetic choreography on different stages. Among them, are a yellow coffee shop, a Broadway-style stage, a mansion’s courtyard, etc.

“You cannot get away from me / The twitch in your eyes, your nervous gestures Baby / I want to pop you / Before the fluttering stops / I wanna make it pop, pop, pop, (you want it)”, sings Nayeon in The chorus.

The music of “IM NAYEON” includes what songs?

IM NAYEON ‘s seven songs also feature Stray Kids’ JYP ​​Entertainment labelmate Felix on the song  “No Problem”, while rapper Wonstein appears on “Love Countdown”. Other IM NAYEON tracks include ” Candyfloss “, “Happy Birthday To You “, and “노을만 예쁘다” (which translates to “Only The Sunset is Pretty”).

Also, American singer-songwriter Destiny Rogers, who previously helped compose Moonlight from TWICE’s 2021 album ‘Formula of Love: O+T=<3’, is the songwriter for the song ” All Or Nothing”, which will have lyrics by Nayeon .


The name of the album became a global trend on Twitter with the release featuring Nayeon’s first solo work after seven years of debuting with  TWICE. The idol  -whose real name is I’m Na-Yeon-,  is the first of the band composed of the leader Jihyo (25) Jeongyeon (25), Momo (25), Sana (25), Mina (25), Dahyun (24 ), Chaeyoung (23) and Tzuyu (22), to launch solo work.

However, several singers and dancers have contributed songs to Korean drama soundtracks in recent years.

TWICE’s last release as a group was their November 2021 full-length album ‘Formula Of Love: O+T=<3’, led by the title track ‘ Scientist ‘. The digital edition of ‘Formula Of Love: O+T=<3’ also included the girl group’s English single ” The Feels.”

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Written by Rachita Salian


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