Natalia Garibotto wears a hot pink bikini to show off her slender physique.

The Brazilian arrives from the side in the first photograph, allowing us to see her tanned thighs thanks to her amazing bathing suit.

Natalia Garibotto Pack


Natalia Garibotto’s Instagram followers were taken aback when she shared three photographs of herself in a stunning pink bathing suit.

Her amazing swimwear allows us to see her sculpted legs up close, while her blonde hair hides her face in the first photograph.


Instagram - Natalia Garibotto.
Instagram – Natalia Garibotto.

Choosing to pose in profile for the second time, Natalia shows us the extent of her rearguard action, which is sure to leave many of her adoring fans panting.

Last but not least, the model bares all by connecting her arms and showcasing her outstanding charms even further, demonstrating that she has a dreamy physique.


The influencer used the phrase “On tiptoe on my way to the gulag” in her post, grabbing the attention of her followers.


Already, thousands of people have favored Garibotto’s post and hundreds of others have commented to show their support and let him know they’re paying attention.


The images can be found by visiting this link


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