Mia Khalifa is shown to the natural and reveals intimate secret

Mia Khalifa Is Shown To The Natural And Reveals Intimate Secret
Mia Khalifa is shown to the natural and reveals intimate secret

Mia Khalifa, who had a meteoric career in adult cinema, shocked her fans by confessing to her intimacy.

Mia Khalifa is considered the most famous adult film actress of recent times; so it’s not strange that every day he has headlines in different parts of the world.

The Lebanese not only makes news for her sensual images in tiny garments or spicy images next to her boyfriend, Mia Khalifa also draws attention for each time it is shown to the natural.

Precisely this Thursday, September 6, the young woman who in 2014 became a movie star for adults surprised her followers of Instagram with an image in which in addition to appearing without makeup, Mia Khalifa reveals that she is in sexual abstinence.

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“No makeup, no filter, no foll **”, Mia Khalifa starts her message on Instagram, where she is followed by more than 10 million followers and whose publication achieved in less than three hours almost 400 thousand likes and dozens of comments from all.

In her photo on Thursday, the Lebanese also pointed out that despite appearing without makeup, she feels very sensual. He also stressed that he has a good time because he can eat everything. “I feel sexier when I’m drenched after a crazy workout knowing that I can eat all the carbs free of guilt for the rest of the day!” He added in his post.

It should be noted that it is not the first time that Mia Khalifa appears without a drop of makeup. In the photo gallery that accompanies this note you can see the many times that the Lebanese has been shown to the natural.

The ex-figura of the pornographic industry is usually shown to the natural, so that each time it does, the praise does not stop.

About Khalifa is known enough. He had a fleeting career in pornography since he was 21 years old and he participated in more than 20 films. She served as an adult film actress between 2014 and 2015, long enough to achieve an enviable popularity.

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Not everything was good for Khalifa. The girl born in Lebanon had to face death threats from her native land for using a hijab on one of her videos.


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