Megan Fox shows off the bun hairstyle that you must wear in summer to look elegant and sophisticated

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Megan Fox Shows Off Unreal Figure With Crop Top In Los Angeles
Megan Fox shows off unreal figure with crop top in Los Angeles

Megan Fox always shows us impressive looks that we love to recreate, however, we rarely see her with an updo. In her social networks, the actress surprised everyone by showing off her bun hairstyle, which is perfect to look elegant and sophisticated in summer.

The chignon or bun hairstyle is taking on great importance in the world of fashion, as it is a practical look that can be adapted to any style and for any occasion. In addition, it is a hairstyle that evokes the Y2K trend, that is, the trend of wearing looks that we used to see in the 2000s.

Megan Fox sports a high bun hairstyle to look elegant

Through her social networks, Megan Fox showed off a very different look: a high bun hairstyle with two strands in front. The 36-year-old actress assured us that she does not usually wear this type of hairstyle because “her head is the size of a small edamame”, however, she opted for this look for a press conference about the film Good Mourning. 

Megan Fox Shows Off The Bun Hairstyle That You Must Wear In Summer To Look Elegant And Sophisticated

How to make an elegant bun like Megan Fox’s?

As we mentioned, this updo hairstyle is one of the easiest to do and it looks amazing on any occasion. So if you want to make an elegant bun hairstyle, follow these steps:

  • Gather your hair at the crown and brush perfectly to avoid any baby hair.
  • Pull out two equal-sized strands of hair, preferably thin, from the front of your head.
  • With a natural bristle brush, comb your hair back and tie it with a rubber band. 
  • Wrap the rest of your hair and loop it around the hair tie. 
  • Attach bobby pins or bobby pins to adjust the hair.
  • You can apply fixative spray and comb strands from the front, as well as any baby hairs that may arise.


    It’s that easy to recreate Megan Fox‘s bun hairstyle, making it a great option to look stylish anywhere. The touch of sophistication will be given by the perfection of the updo, so if you want to opt for a messy bun you will have to leave some baby hairs to give it a relaxed touch.

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