Mati Khalifa, Mia Khalifa’s sister ran her bikini and was at the limit of censorship

Mati Khalifa

Mia Khalifa is, without a doubt, a star of social networks. The former adult film actress has millions of followers praising her every day. In recent months, a figure related to her has made her way onto social media: her alleged sister, Mati Khalifa.

Mati opened her Instagram account as soon as she became of legal age. The young woman follows in Mia’s footsteps: she posts pictures of her from her photo shoots for clothing, underwear, and swimwear brands.

However, the influencer takes more risks when it comes to posing for her fans. She on several occasions chose to wear transparent garments, tiny bikinis, and flashy lingerie sets.

This time, Mati went further than usual and showed her followers a beige bikini woven in a series of very bright images. With the straps of the bodice untied, the Lebanese woman moved her bodice and was on the verge of censorship.

“Train like a beast and you will be a beauty”, she wrote next to the images. Immediately, Khalifa’s sister’s post received a flood of praise.

In the publication there was no lack of someone to ask if she is Mia’s sister, since at no time have they been shown together.

However, at no time did the famous former adult film actress deny it, which is why most of the fans of both trust the word of the younger influencer.


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