Mati Khalifa made a change of look and wore it on the verge of censorship

Mati Khalifa
Mati Khalifa

The alleged sister of Mia Khalifa stole all eyes with a very different and striking style.

Mati Khalifa, the young woman who claims on social networks to be the younger sister of the adult film actress Mia Khalifa, became a trend due to the daring change of look that would have been made.

The content creator stole the attention of social network users for having the same last name as Mia and for the type of content she shares both on Instagram and Only Fans.

In the postcards she shared, Mati Khalifa can be seen wearing a new hair colour. It is a blond that she accompanied with several funny gestures.

However, the change of look of Mia Khalifa’s younger sister would be temporary. Apparently, she used a wig for the photographic production and left it registered in her stories within the social network.

Mati Khalifa is already a star in Only Fans

Mati Khalifa is already a recognized star within the Only Fans platform, where the former adult film actress, Mia, also has a profile.

The site works through a subscription system and users must pay a monthly fee to the artists or influencers to be able to see their photos or videos.

In the case of Mati Khalifa, she has already achieved great recognition at the level of her sister and already has more than 400 images.

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