Martha Higareda turns on social networks by posing in a floral bikini that leaves very little to the imagination

Martha Higareda shared a photograph on social networks where, when posing in a floral bikini, she shows off a spectacular physique

Martha Higareda 1
Martha Higareda 1

Waiting for a new project to emerge where she can test her histrionic ability, Martha Higareda decided to take a breather in the middle of nature and to the delight of her fans, she shared a photograph that leaves very little to the imagination.

Immersed in what seems to be the cool waters of a lagoon and with a waterfall in the background , the producer, screenwriter and businesswoman originally from Tabasco, shed her excess clothing to be left with only a floral bikini.

In this way, at 39 years of age, he demonstrated that his proper diet and continuous exercise have paid off positively, since his beauty is remarkable, so he also chose to show it off through an image before the more than 5 million fans who follow in detail his movements on his Instagram account.

“Here coming to say hello. You know that the gym is not my forte, but I want to take the body in which my soul lives further, so that it lasts longer. What was born from an insecurity of being very skinny is leading me to find the security that discipline gives 🙂 encouragement to all those who, like me, feel sorry for exercising. Let’s go ahead community! ”, Wrote the Mexican actress in a message that in a matter of minutes had more than 202 thousand likes.

At the time, Martha Higareda came to comment on various television spots that the fact of having met a 92-year-old woman during a trip to Europe completely changed her vision of the future, since her advanced age did not correspond to the spectacular physique that she looked and that’s how the actress decided to change her eating habits and do a little exercise.

Now, the results are obvious, since the current couple of Lewis Howes constantly shares images that do not stop turning on social networks.

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