Maribel Guardia full of gray hair surprises by looking elegant with that mature look

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Maribel Guardia, 62 years old, is part of the series Albertano contra los Mostros, where she plays a villain who wants to have the secret of youth and as expected, her characterization gave a lot to talk about, because her wardrobe not only it was that of an evil character, also his imposing hairstyle.

But what caught the attention is that Maribel Guardia‘s look has many gray hairs, so they gave it a very real touch, leaving everyone fascinated, because far from looking like an older woman, on the contrary, she looks very pretty with a unique bearing that fascinated the public.

“Beautiful, you look beautiful”, “Much success @maribelguardia, blessings, beautiful photos”, “You look very, very good with gray hair, you look interesting. Think about how a mature woman would fall in love with you. Renew or die Marivel”, “Very well Maribel that white hair sees you”, “The baddest villain in fiction and good in real life”, write the networks.

And it is that we have always been used to seeing the actress originally from Costa Rica with her black hair, so seeing her with that look for many was strange, but others are fascinated, and Maribel Guardia not only has a great talent when We see her act because her physique is also one of the reasons that make the public fall in love since it is still very well preserved.

In addition, the comic side is also very good for the famous, who will also share credits with her great friend Olivia Collins, another mature woman who is still very well preserved and who, like her colleague, will be a villain, with a touch of humor.

It is worth mentioning that this year has been full of work for the artist, who loves to stay current, because she loves to work, something she has done since she was very young because the public also demands her in each project.

Another work which we will see very soon from her is in the continuation in Corona de Lágrimas, where she had a resounding success a couple of years ago, so seeing her act in the melodrama is a treat.

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