Loki: Successful premiere changes Disney + release date for Wednesdays


Loki , the third series from Studios for Disney Plus, premiered on Wednesday June 9 to tell what happened to the ‘god of lies’ after the events of Avengers: endgame. Certainly, fans were asking for it and couldn’t be happier with the series starring Tom Hiddleston.

What few expected is that the success of the premiere of the series would be so much that the streaming service changes the release date of its future programs to Wednesdays. Although Friday has been displaced, it will remain for the exclusive Premier Access films .

As it is remembered, The mandalorian, WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier released their chapters every Friday, but that is now in the past. The first one mentioned in this list will launch a third season that will meet the new schedule, while the other two have not yet confirmed a second part.

What is Loki about?
The series shows how Loki is brought before the mysterious organization called the Temporal Variation Authority, after stealing the Cosmic Cube during the events of Avengers: endgame. This is how you are given the choice between facing the elimination of reality or helping against a greater threat.

Tom Hiddleston brought the god of deception back to life for Marvel.

What did the critic say to Loki?
Steve Weintraub , Collider , praised the ability of the program to guide the UCM Marvel “”through a new direction.”” “Obviously Tom Hiddleston is still perfect for the role, there is no question about that. I love how the series is expanding the MCU. We are watching Loki try to figure out what is going on, instead of having it all under his control, ”he wrote on Twitter.
Christina Radish , also from Collider , commented: “I have seen the first two episodes of Loki and he is as funny, funny, weird and twisted as I wish and hope he is the god of deception! I love the sarcastic bromance between Hiddleston and Wilson. More of everything, please! ”.

Ethan Anderton , Slash Film , tweeted: “”In Loki, Owen Wilson becomes a contrast ironically with the god of mischief as a police time, cutting the layers of the Marvel villain while using it to track down a criminal mysterious jump in time. The series is like Men in Black meeting Doctor Who, but with a Mad Men aesthetic from the 1960s. ”
Germain Lussier , Gizmodo , said: “”The first two episodes of #Loki are a gift for fans of Marvel. They give their all when it comes to building a new world full of mystery, and it works. Hiddleston is like never before. The new characters go like a shot and there is A LOT to dig into, ”he posted on Twitter.”


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