Lis Vega talks about the disease that prevented her from becoming a mother

Lis Vega
Lis Vega

The dancer revealed how hard it was to accept that she could never bring a child into the world.

Lis Vega opened her heart and confessed that she is no longer within her plans to become a mother after she tried to get pregnant during her youth, but was unable to do so due to the disease she suffers from.

The dancer told her testimony about the difficult process she went through when she found out that she could not conceive and how she managed to overcome it. The famous one gave an interview for the program “The minute that changed my destiny” under the leadership of the entertainment journalist, Gustavo Adolfo Infante.<The Cuban recalled the raw moment she went through approximately 10 years ago when she made the decision to become a mother. After several attempts, she went to the doctor in search of knowing the details, because she wanted to be a mother.

When carrying out studies they confirmed that the actress has endometriosis. This disease is a condition that occurs when the endometrium flakes off and these remains grow outside the womb and invade the abdominopelvic area.

“At the time it was very hard because I looked for them, I did hormonal treatment, it was very hard because the treatment of endometriosis is also a treatment where you reach menopause at 36,” he said.
In addition, he spoke of the side effects of said treatment, of which he highlighted the absence of menstruation, weight gain, depression, and very sudden hormonal changes.

Lis assured that at that time of her life she relied on her dogs: “I had 50 thousand dogs and it was somehow, looking for the conduit, the lack that I had to father a child and bring him into this world.”

Finally, she assured that she does not attend therapy, however, she herself has learned to know herself and work on her mental health through healing processes, so with this topic Lis specifically worked on accepting that being was not in her life. mom.

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