Lea Seydoux will return Madeleine Swann for Bond 25 with Daniel Craig

Lea Seydoux will return for Bond 25 with Daniel Craig
Lea Seydoux will return for Bond 25 with Daniel Craig

The filming of the next James Bond movie, the well-known literary character devised by Ian Fleming, is still far from occurring, in fact there is no confirmed date to give the first slate, but the main producers responsible for carrying it out, MGM and Eon, they do not want the distance until the filming date to let the production of ‘Bond 25’ be forgotten by the public. For this reason are beginning to show some details of it, as Daniel Craig, despite the rumors about its possible replacement, will reholster the agent suit MI-6 following the plot that began in his day with ‘ Royal Casino’.
Old acquaintances
Along with him, the producers have also announced the return of the French actress Lea Seydoux, whom we could already see in the last film until the moment of the agent, ‘Specter’, where he gave life to Madeleine Swann, a psychologist to whom will return to embody in this new production, which is expected to premiere sometime next February 2020.

The female cast of the film, at least according to the details that have been unveiled to date, will be composed of two new additions. According to this information, MGM is looking for two actresses to play very different roles, since one of them would give life to a new Bond partner in MI-6, while the other would play the antagonist role of the adventure, written and directed by Cary. Joji Fukunaga, who entered the direction of the film last December after the departure of Danny Boyle for creative differences with the main responsible for production, which quickly began to look for the replacement.

At first the role of villain in this production was intended for the actor Rami Malek, but the recording of the last season of ‘Mr. Robot ‘seems to prevent him from combining the filming of both productions, because although MGM and Eon have not yet announced a date to start it, it could be located between the months of March to July of 2019, which would also let us see that, although it has begun directing production in the final stretch of 2018, the script of the film prepared by Fukunaga would be well advanced.

Something that seems more fixed in the calendar is the American premiere of the film, dated February 14 of the aforementioned 2020. If we look at the latest releases of the franchise, all have achieved an important impact at the international box office, so It is expected that this date will become an international presence in theaters, perhaps with some distinction regarding markets such as Asia given its special characteristics.

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