Karely Ruiz admits that she likes women and men

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The OnlyFans star confessed that she likes women in an interview with YouTuber Rayito

Karely Ruiz has become one of the most viral influencers in recent months; her charisma, beauty and controversial collaborations have made her the center of attention, to the extent that her followers have increased exponentially in this 2022.

And although she has always shown her support for the LGBTTTI+ community , the OnlyFans star confessed that she herself is part of sexual diversity.

Karely Ruiz Admits That She Likes Women And Men
Karely Ruiz Admits That She Likes Women And Men

For many this was not a surprise, since on several occasions Karely Ruiz has been seen kissing or dancing sensually with women, although many people thought that this was to win fans or because of the emotion of the moment.

However, in an interview with Ryan Hoffman, Karely Ruiz openly confessed that she is bisexual, since she likes women and men.

To an express question about who she liked more, women or men, Karely Ruiz admitted that she liked both genders equally.

In addition, she explained that she likes Tomboy-style women, that is, those who have an appearance more attached to the masculine, since she likes to be “the woman in the relationship.”

“I like women who look like a child, I don’t like them to be like that, very, very cute or like that, not like me; I couldn’t go out with a woman like that, maybe I would go out with one like that, I’ve kissed like that with girls, but to hang out with one, let her be the man and I the woman,” said the OnlyFans star .

Karely Ruiz Admits That She Likes Women And Men
Karely Ruiz Admits That She Likes Women And Men

In relation to men, Karely Ruiz explained that she likes those who are ugly, although she also confessed that she has had romantic ties with attractive gentlemen.

In this sense, she clarified that she likes men who are younger than her, since she likes to be the one who knows more in a relationship.

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