Jenny 69 wears a crimson bodysuit that raises the temperature.

With a gorgeous dress, the singer of lying corridos flaunted her form.

Jenny 69 Collection

Jenny 69 enthralled her fans this weekend by flaunting her beautiful proportions in a fiery red bodysuit.

The lying corridos singer flaunted her form with a beautiful gown on her Instagram profile.

Jenny 69 Party Wear

Instagram photo by @ jen ny69

In the caption Jennifer Ruiz, the singer’s true name, is shown in the photo flaunting her beautiful body in a low-cut passion red bodysuit with black embellishments.


Jenny 69 Desude
Instagram photo by @ jen ny69
Her ensemble included high boots, a black bag, and huge earrings. She also wore her long hair down and accentuated her features with cosmetics.


Jenny 69 Party

Instagram photo by @ jen ny69
The Riverside singer’s photo has received 132 thousand likes and hundreds of comments from fans and friends who have appreciated her attractiveness.

Jenny 69 became famous after releasing her first song, “La 69,” which has received over 8 million views on YouTube. Jennifer used to spend all of her time on social media posting cosmetic instructions.

Jenny 69 Hot

Instagram photo by @ jen ny69


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