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Hypnotic: this is Netflix’s most watched psychological thriller

Kate Siegel and Jason O’Mara star in this ideal film for horror lovers

Hypnotic: this is Netflix's most watched psychological thriller

Betting on terror and psychological thrillers seems to be a strong move now to choose movies to enter the Netflix catalog. For a long time, consumers of genre stories felt “orphans” of this type of fiction and now they have their revenge. The Squid Game (and the Korean series that came with this fiction) or Midnight Mass, reopened the doors to this fear that enters the psyche of each of the protagonists and also of the spectators. And apparently, they are here to stay as evidenced by the Hypnotic phenomenon.

The film stars Kate Siegel ( The Curse of Hill House and Midnight Mass ) who plays Jennifer, a woman who finds herself in the midst of a personal and professional crisis and falls into the hands of a hypnotist with malicious intent. With this approach, the film that premiered on October 27 on the platform, immediately climbed positions and became one of the fictions chosen by Argentines in recent days and is traveling the same path in the rest of the world.

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Collin Meade, The Man Who Will Become Jennifer’S Nightmare In The Film Hypnotic

Back in the plot, Jennifer is going through an existential crisis. Just separated from her partner and after having lost a pregnancy and being unemployed, she finds no refuge other than to stay in an isolated house and devote herself to drinking wine. A friend tries to rescue her from that well she is in and invites her to the inauguration of her house where her ex-boyfriend is also. But the most disturbing thing is going to be the presence of a medical therapist Dr. Collin Meade (Jason O’Mara who participated in the series Agents of SHIELDThe Good Wife, and The Man on the High Castle) who appears very friendly, correct, and with the intention of being able to treat Jennifer to get out of this blind spot.

Maede is a very respected and recognized man within the field where Jenn moves. Tired of trying everything and that nothing works for her, the protagonist decides to bet on this man who understands that he is proposing something different to her. But the worst thing this woman does is that she blindly surrenders to a treatment that has nothing to cure but rather is going to lead her to the opposite path.

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Lucie Guest Is Gina, Jenn’S Friend Who Will Try To Help Her

The script of Hypnotic is in charge of Richard D’Ovidio (The Call), and at times it falls into common places. From the beginning, we understand that the doctor has the worst of intentions so that mystery is solved in the beginning. Already in the first meeting, the therapist will begin to use his unconventional methods and what seemed like a simple session turns into a macabre game full of deadly situations that lead Jenn to commit horrific acts. The cast is completed by Dulé Hill, Lucie Guest, Jaime M. Callica, and Tanja Dixon-Warren and the direction is in charge of Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote.

What seemed to be a lifeline for this moment of crisis ends up being the worst of nightmares for this woman and everyone around her. Thus, throughout the 88 minutes that Hypnotic lasts, the viewer will be the victim of continuous shocks caused by the terrifying music, the camera changes, and, of course, by what they see on the screen. It is a film that keeps you on the edge of your seat all the time, and despite resorting to somewhat unexpected twists, it is a more than valid option for horror lovers.


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