Georgina Rodríguez reveals one of her greatest tastes and you could have it in your cupboard

Being one of her greatest tastes, the model Georgina Rodríguez tells her fans the food with which she starts her day. you could have it in your cupboard

Georgina Rodriguezz
Georgina Rodriguezz

As we have seen in the second season of her reality show , the model Georgina Rodríguez has a very affectionate relationship with some foods, such as the Iberian ham that is always in her bag.

Well, now she has revealed to her fans a new faithful friend of her breakfasts through the stories section of her Instagram account, which is a little more accessible than the previous sandwich, since you could have it in your cupboard.

It is about coffee, which in addition to providing a lot of energy, is also a source of antioxidants for Georgina Rodríguez , helping her to maintain skin and hair always in their best condition.

georgina rodrxguez cafx vaso
georgina rodrxguez cafx vaso

In the photo, she is seen holding a glass of coffee against her face, under which she wrote the legend “Coffee loving coffee”, making it clear that it is one of her essentials to start a day full of activities.

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Georgina Rodriguezz
Georgina Rodriguezz

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