Fast and furious 9: this was the return of the most beloved character in F9

Fans of the franchise could not contain the excitement at the unexpected return.

F9 is the latest installment in the Fast Furious franchise.
F9 is the latest installment in the Fast Furious franchise.

F9  has taken the story of the ” Fast and Furious ” franchise to another level, especially due to the new settings such as space, something that was much commented on in the film’s trailers. Thus, the most anticipated film premiere of 2021 has delivered a new adventure starring Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), Jakob Toretto (John Cenna) and Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez). The expectation has been kept at a high level by an unexpected reappearance of one of the most iconic characters.

Fast and furious 9, in this way, begins from a time of peace that Dom has been living with Letty and her son, after what happened in the last tapes.

However, that stillness will not last forever and the action to take shape becomes a dangerous raid it plans to put in check the whole world.

And Dom, in addition, must react quickly and solve some internal dilemmas because the one who leads the maniacal plan to destroy everything is his brother Jakob.

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Without being able to avoid any more spoilers , from here on, the moving and special return of one of the characters most esteemed by the fans of the franchise develops .

Thus, it is about Brian O’Conner , the character of actor Paul Walker , who died at the age of 40 on November 30, 2013 .

The artist’s departure was sudden and he could not finish his scenes , but he had his big farewell in ” Fast and Furious 7 “, where it seemed that he would not return to the tapes.

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For the return of Brian O’Conner, who was played by Paul Walker, the production did not use any tricks, such as CGI or stuntmen , which may have outraged fans of the saga.

It was a brief but very shocking return because Brian’s Nissan Skyline was seen heading to the final barbecue, where there is a vacant seat that will be filled by the remembered role of Walker.

In this way, it is hinted that O’Conner is still part of the family , taking care of his children while Mia helps Dom in action work. Walker’s character, a key piece of history, remains in the saga, as does the actor’s memory .

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