Fan favourite Aislinn Derbez surprises everyone by recalling a previous riding disaster


During one of Aislinn Derbez’s social media posts, she made a crucial revelation about a childhood horseback riding mishap she had while her father, comedian Eugenio Derbez, was there.

“A la mala” actress revealed her heart and her memories to her millions of fans, telling them of a horrific event she had as a child when she lost her memory and how it left everyone in the audience startled.

the actress recalled a horseback riding accident when she was 12 years old. “When I fell off the horse, my foot was left in the stirrup,” she said. “I had significant bruises, I was in shock and I lost the recollection of the event,” she added.


Despite the fact that it was an activity that brought her and her father closer together, living through this painful experience made her nearly never desire to perform it again.

While this was initially a difficult scenario for her to overcome, she’s now recovered and has enrolled her small daughter Kailani in this wonderful activity, since she’s discovered that the child has a love for horses.

For Mau and myself, seeing and riding horses has been a fresh and exciting experience since Kai was a year old. We’ve made it a point to take Kai regularly to see and ride them.”

As a result, it’s been a bonding experience for her and her daughter, as the child has already begun practicing with enthusiasm and confidence, making her proud of her tremendous accomplishment.

Since Kai began more formal training a week ago, I’ve decided to join her. I don’t want my daughter, who is passionate about horses, to grow up with a mother who is afraid to get on a horse.”

As a result of watching these films, I’ve come to the realization that it’s never too late to conquer a fear or learn something new.”


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