Did you ever wonder why are there no cats in Walking Dead comics nor TV series?

The Walking Dead Season 11 Rick Grimes Return Scaled

“The artist that creates the comic book likes drawing people, loves drawing zombies, and does not enjoy drawing animals so much,” says Robert Kirkman, the creator of the comic book franchise.

There you have it: Charlie Adlard, the illustrator, just does not like to draw or feature animals in his stories.

Ricks’ party gets caught on a bridge by two vicious dogs covered in blood and faeces in the second or third season of the show. Assuming they had been bitten and infected, my first thought was that they had the virus. As a result of my personal investigation, I believe the dogs were either infected with rabies or malnourished to the point where our beloved main protagonists were served as a meal for the hungry canines.


Similarly to chickenpox, Robert Kirkman states that the virus is not transmissible to other animals. I believe that in order to live, the majority of individuals would have abandoned or eaten their own comrades. In the parallel realm our protagonists inhabit, the most important things are food, housing, and safety. The requirements of a cat, dog, or lizard are not more important than the needs of a human, their children, and their families.

Because working with animals may be a challenge in and of itself, the Humane Society is always present on the set for any situations in which animals are involved. There are a lot of animals featured in the show (horses, cows, and chickens). Both television and comic book versions of the narrative leave out domesticated animals for ethical, practical and preference reasons that are consistent with the subject of the comic books.

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