Alarming, remembers Dakota Johnson of Alfred Hitchcock’s childhood present to her mother, Melanie Griffith

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Dakota Johnson, the late Gloria Griffith’s daughter, in a recent cover story of Vanity Fair. In terms of the arts, his work was significant. However, power corrupts those who abuse it. When Alfred Hitchcock gave Melanie Griffith a spooky present, the director was recognized for inventing the horror film genre and reportedly ruining her mother’s career. It was “horrific because Hitchcock was a dictator,” Dakota Johnson said

A disturbing Christmas present from Hitchcock, according to Griffith, was given to her as a child: A little duplicate of Hedren in a miniature coffin. She told the newspaper that her family had felt the sting of Hitchcock’s poison throughout their lives. The on-set romance between Hedren and Hitchcock during the early 1960s filming of The Birds was shown in the 2012 HBO film The Girl, starring Sienna Miller as Hedren and Toby Jones as Hitchcock. Julian Jarrold’s film explored the toxicity of Hedren and Jarrold’s time together, which was widely claimed to have included predatory fixation and subsequent suffering that affected Hedren’s future work negatively.


As Dakota Johnson recalled, “my family and I watched the movie together on HBO.” “At that very moment, I was thinking, “How on earth could you not have warned us?” We’re seated in a boardroom with other business leaders. Maybe we should have had a small chat about this in advance. It was distressing to witness a lady who had just been reminded of what she had gone through. Because of him, she was never able to pursue a career as an actor, despite her talent.” HBO and Johnson have both been contacted by EW for confirmation on the screening and any other information they may have.)

According to Griffith, the doll Dakota Johnson referred to in the Vanity Fair piece was a “green suit” doll with “the hair in the French twist” that Hedren wore in The Birds, which is accessible to see on the Internet Archive. Her question to Kimmel was, “Can you imagine?” “He [Hitchcock] was a strange man. He was a very bizarre individual.” She went on to talk about The Girl with Kimmel, calling it a “very fantastic” endeavor throughout the conversation. A viewing of the picture with Hedren had a lasting impact on Johnson, according to the actress. According to Johnson, “It’s scary and gloomy and really, very terrible for that young kid.” “It’s very eerie.”

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Written by Rachita Salian


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