Claudia Álvarez and Bárbara Mori, the most special guests on the birthday of their sister-in-law Ivana de María

The actresses were part of the family weekend with which the Rovzar celebrated the youngest of the brothers

Claudia Álvarez and Bárbara Mori the most special guests on the birthday of their sisterinlaw Ivana de María

After announcing the cancellation of her marriage commitment to Arap Bethke and the end of their five-year relationship, Ivana de María, sister of Billy and Fernando Rovzar, celebrated her 30th birthday sheltered by the love of her family. Through social networks, the Rovzars shared some details of the special celebration that the youngest of Gina Diez Barroso‘s children enjoyed. In this celebration, Claudia Álvarez and Bábara Mori, her sister-in-law, were a key part of this birthday that she celebrated with a spiritual retreat commanded by KintaróBarbara’s brother. Through social networks, Claudia shared several images of this unforgettable weekend where the birthday girl also had the presence of her friend, the actress Esmeralda Pimentel.

For her 30th birthday, Ivana decided to celebrate it with the Renacer del alma retreat, a space where the celebrated had the opportunity to connect with her family and friends. Through her Instagram account, Ivana shared an image with which she celebrated this year, an image to which her mother, Gina Diez Barroso, reacted, who dedicated an affectionate congratulations to her: “The happiest birthday ever! everyone! To an amazing young woman, my wonderful daughter Ivana. She is coming for a great year”, the businesswoman wrote. But her mother’s congratulations were not the only sign of love that her birthday party received, her sisters-in-law and her brothers sheltered her on this special day.

Also through Instagram, Claudia Álvarez shared a series of images of the unforgettable weekend that they enjoyed next to Ivana, whom, affectionately, she calls Elfa. Of the photos that she posted, one stands out in which the birthday girl appears surrounded by her brothers, Fernando and Billy, and by her sisters-in-law, Claudia and Bárbara, it was in this snapshot that the actress dedicated some nice words to Ivana: “My Elfa ( @ivanamaria) Fantastic being of great beauty and magical powers; she lives in forests, waters and the vicinity of houses. What a way to start your 30 and I am the happiest to be a part of it. I love you”, read in the stories of Álvarez.

In another story, in which part of the group that was part of this retreat appears, where the presence of Kintaró (Bárbara’s brother) and the actress Esmeralda Pimentel stand out, Claudia wrote: “How beautiful it was to share these days with you!”. In another story, one of the circles of conversation that they enjoyed in the middle of the night in the heat of a campfire can be seen. Apparently, for her 30 years, more than a party, Ivana decided that it was an excellent opportunity to enjoy herself with family and friends in a weekend of introspection that helped her arrive at this age in complete peace. For Ivana, the positive influence of Bárbara Mori has been very important, as she has let Fernando Rovzar’s sister see it, to whom she dedicates phrases such as: “Thank you for the constant inspiration. I love you”, reads the description of an image in which she appears next to Mori.

Cancellation of your engagement

It was at the end of March when Ivana de María announced, through the Story Place social network, the end of her five-year relationship with actor Arap Bethke, with whom she was engaged in marriage in January 2021. With a message full of thanks, the also actress highlighted the positives of the relationship: “ We chose to be honest about our path and about the fact that they were not going in the same direction. I believe that by choosing to face the truth, by choosing to separate, we choose to love. The truest kind of love. It has been incredibly painful to accept that love is not enough for a relationship to work”, wrote the actress who met Arap during the recordings of the series La Piloto, where they shared credits.

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