Cantinflas’s grandson makes a revealing confession about Johnny Depp

The grandson of the popular Mexican comedy actor and icon of the golden cinema had an approach with the Hollywood star

Johnny Depp 2
Johnny Depp 2

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp is overjoyed after having regained some peace in his dispute with his former romantic partner, Amber Heard.

Deep came out less scratched than Amber, although both were singled out for defaming the other, he got the largest profit by taking 15 million dollars (same that Heard has said he does not have to pay) and she will get two million, in the sentence issued by the judge.
Now, stories about the life and some passages with other characters in the life of the actor of ” Pirates of the Caribbean ” or who recently had some relationship with him have begun to come out.

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Such is the case of the grandson of the famous Mexican comedian and one of the greatest icons of cinema in our country, the late Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”, the young Mario Moreno del Moral.
Moreno del Moral is also an actor and since he was a child he decided to follow in the footsteps of his famous grandfather, so much so that he has enrolled in different film projects and also usually shares spaces with other filmmakers and fellow artists.

The confession

In one of these meetings, Moreno del Moral tells that he met the actor Johnny Depp, some years ago in 2011 while both shared space at a party of a mutual friend named Jordi Mollá

The coincidence went further and at some point during the party, Mario Moreno and Johnny Depp were introduced, the interesting thing about this meeting is that Moreno did not expect Johnny to know the work of his talented grandfather.

According to the grandson of Cantinflas himself, the director (Mollá) had mentioned that his Mexican friend was the grandson of an important figure named Cantinflas, he then asked Deep if he knew him and his response was immediate and positive.

So when Moreno del Moral and Deep met, the click was almost immediate and they had a pleasant evening; At the moment of saying goodbye, Johnny confessed to Mario that if one day he had the intention of doing something about the life and work of his beloved grandfather, he would take it into account so that he would take charge of the performance, something that impacted the Mexican, that, of course, he took the proposal very seriously and now he is just waiting for a project to be completed for his grandfather in the future and then call Deep to take care of it.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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