“Bunker”: trailer of the first series produced in Mexico by HBO Max is released

“Bunker” will hit the HBO Max catalog on December 23, 2021.

"Bunker": trailer of the first series produced in Mexico by HBO Max is released

“Búnker” is one of the first original Mexican productions by HBO Max and comes to the platform with a mixture of black humor and social criticism, which will premiere on December 23rd. 

The series has a visual style that is reminiscent of cult films such as “Fight Club” or Snatch ” and has as protagonists Bruno Bichir, Giselle Kuri, Miguel Rodarte, and Jesús Zavala, among other recognized Mexican actors, who are part of a story bumpy full of twists and turns around a lonely bunker, where a man named Vladimiro (Bichir) would rather spend his days indoors than deal with the real world.

However, Vladimir’s apparent peace and loneliness is disrupted when a group of masked criminals appears in his sacred space carrying a kidnapped man, which in turn is connected to a scandalous case of animal abuse and neglect at a water park in Mexico City.

‘Bunker’ is a bombshell against patriarchy and a story reveals the bubble of privilege in our country, but it is also a portrait of toxic masculinity today, a commentary on complicated relationships and a series that, although it may not appeal to everyone, forces us to think, declared Miguel Rodarte,


The series hits the HBO Max catalog on December 23.


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