Brad Pitt Shares Heartbreaking Details About His Broken Heart After Split From Angelina Jolie

brad pitt and angelina jolie
brad pitt and angelina jolie

Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt, who moved on after his split from Angelina Jolie, said “I think all of our hearts are broken.” 

Speaking to the latest edition of British GQ, the 58-year-old actor has given a grim assessment of the human condition as he moves on since the collapse of his five-year marriage to the Maleficent actress in 2016.

He said emotional turmoil and deep sadness are an inevitable part of growing up, saying, “I think all of our hearts are broken.”

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“I’ve always felt very alone in my life, only as a child, alone even here, and it wasn’t until recently that I had a bigger hug from my friends and family,” Brad Pitt added.

The actor spent 18 months attending regular Alcoholics Anonymous meetings while embracing the group’s core principles of abstinence from all mind-altering substances and honesty regarding the nature of addiction in 2016.
“He had a cool group of guys here that was private and selective, so it was safe,” Brad Pitt explained.
‘Because I had seen other people’s stuff that had been recorded spilling their guts, and that’s just appalling to me.’
“I can’t do just one or two a day,” he said of his past smoking habit. ‘It’s not in my makeup. I’m all in. And I will drive on the ground. I’ve lost my privileges.” 

Pitt believes we all experience wrenching pain at some point in our lives, though he has embraced a life of abstinence that began shortly after he divorced Jolie in 2016.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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